Feather Fish

Feather Fish

These feather fish hair clips are perfect for upcoming summer festivals! The patterns on the feathers are bold and interesting and the natural colors look great on any hair type. They aren’t too flashy and can compliment any outfit.


Custom Design

Custom Wedding WIP

I am currently working on a few custom bridal pieces and would love to work on something custom for you. I can accommodate all budgets for bridal, special events, races, costume parties, or any occasion that you might want something beautiful in your hair.

Fascinators are available on Etsy now!

All the Fascinators I currently have are listed on Etsy now. Please go check them out! All of these are ready to ship right away. If you are looking for something a little different or for a specific event let me know and we can create something custom and beautiful just for you. www.LucidDesign.etsy.com

White & Ivory Fascinator - Wedding, Evening, Races, Special Occasion HeadpieceWhite & Ivory Fascinator

Lilac & Lavender - Wedding, Evening, Races, Special Occasion HeadpieceLilac & Lavender Fascinator

Pink & Coral Fascinator - Wedding, Evening, Races, Special Occasion HeadpiecePink & Coral Fascinator

Teal & Turquoise Fascinator - Wedding, Evening, Races, Special Occasion HeadpieceTeal & Turquoise Fascinator

Black & Purple Fascinator - Wedding, Evening, Races, Special Occasion HeadpieceBlack & Purple Fascinator

Rust Red, Orange & Black Fascinator - Wedding, Evening, Races, Special Occasion HeadpieceRust Red, Orange, & Black Fascinator

Burgundy, White, & Black Fascinator - Wedding, Evening, Races, Special Occasion HeadpieceBurgundy, White, & Black Fascinator

Yellow, Coral, & Burgundy Fascinator - Wedding, Evening, Races, Special Occasion HeadpieceYellow, Coral, & Burgundy Fascinator

Self-Watering Planter DIY


My garden last year thrived due to self-watering containers. You can buy them for $30-$60, or easily make one for around $10!

Items needed:

~2 – 5 gal buckets

~Drill with 1/4″ bit

~2 – Solo cups

~24″ long 1″ PVC pipe (one end sawed off at an angle)

~White trash bag


~Utility Blade



Cut the rim of one Solo cup about 1/2″ from top to determine the hole to cut on bottom of inside bucket. Trace cut diameters of Solo cup in center of the inside bucket and PVC pipe at outer edge.


Drill holes next to each other on inside of traced line, unless you have an appropriate sized hole cutter.


Use your Utility Blade to pop out the circle cuts and clean the edges.  It really doesn’t need to be pretty.


Drill holes evenly over remainder of bucket bottom


With the Utility Blade slice the 2nd Solo cup every inch or so leaving about 1/2″ uncut on top and bottom.


On the outside bucket, drill 2 holes on each side. Make sure that on one side the holes are wide enough to accommodate PVC pipe.

side holes

Hold up the first bucket inside second with the Solo cup/wicking basket hanging and touching the bottom of the outside bucket. Mark the corresponding holes to the inside bucket. Drill and attach the two buckets and PVC pipe with the zip-ties.

side holes2

I probably drilled too big of a hole for the PVC pipe but it really doesn’t matter. Some soil will fall down into the water and it’s no big deal.


Once you know the depth of the water reservoir, drill 4 holes around the outer bucket just below the bottom of the inner bucket for water over flow. You can see the shadow of the inside buckets in the picture below, showing you where to drill the holes.


The basic idea of this planter is there is a water reservoir at the bottom of the bucket. Once the bucket is filled with soil, the Solo cup filled with soil acts as a wick bringing the water up into the rest of the bucket.  The holes on the bottom of the inner bucket make sure the soil can drain excess moisture and never gets too soggy. The over flow holes on the outer bucket ensure that the bottom of soil is never sitting in water besides the wicking container.

After filling with soil, pour water on the top of the soil to ensure that all of it is initially moist when planting. After that the reservoir will be filled directly from the PVC pipe.

Once you have planted, take a plastic trash bag and cut a circle a few inches wider than the top of the buckets. Cut a hole for the plant and the PVC pipe and tie it over the top of the bucket. This will prevent all the water from evaporating out. Use a white trash bag because a black one will retain too much heat and cook your plants.

Below is last year’s eggplant when I transplanted him and then 2 weeks later. Happy Gardening!